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Case Study: How to combine several business ideas in your image business

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Primary Blog/Case Study: How to combine several business ideas in your image business

This blog is perfect for you if you’ve struggled to combine different services in your image business.

In my first business Nutri-Style, I provided both image consulting and nutrition services.

I struggled with my marketing because I ran the two services almost like two different businesses, marketing each service separately.
I made things really hard for myself!
If I was to do that business all over again, I would have married the two together so I was marketing one thing.

If you are a one-woman band business like I was, I highly recommend you market one thing. It will make your life so much easier!

Today, I’m introducing you to one of my lovely clients, Moira and showing you how we worked together to combine her love of millinery and her image consulting services in her business.

My advice to Moira - Develop a clear message, get that message seen, and the sky is the limit!

Moira’s always had a love for fashion and style. She spent hours looking out her bedroom window as a little girl watching people dressed up to the nines heading into dinner dances in the hotel across the road from where she lived.

She became a teacher in her 20s but always had creative projects going on in the background. Years later, she attended a couple of race meetings, always admiring the style, especially at Ladies days where she was totally in awe of all the fabulous hats.

Soon after, Moira attended her first millinery course and has been hooked ever since. She’s now completed numerous classes with super-talented milliners all over the globe.

I LOVE hearing client stories like Moira’s!

Almost everyone I work with has had “sensible” corporate careers, done what was expected of them, then unleashed their creative sides and jumped into the styling world. It’s brilliant, and I adore helping them find their way, teaching them how to market themselves and get the clients and money flowing in.

Shortly after discovering millinery, Moira went on to qualify as a colour and image consultant to deepen her knowledge and offer more services to her clients.

This is where things got tricky as she struggled with her message and her marketing. Who exactly was she helping and what was she helping them to do?

She wrestled with being visible and having a clear, congruent message.

Then Moira reached out to me to see how she could make things flow a bit easier for her. I helped Moira to combine her businesses and develop unified messaging around how she helps.

Moira is wearing one of her own beautiful creations in the photo shown here. You can check out all her creations on her website here.

Moira now combines her millinery talents with her images services in her ‘From Fretting and Flustered to Stylishly Fabulous’ program, where she helps clients with occasion styling.

Outfits, headwear, and accessories are all taken care of. It’s the perfect solution for anyone with a big event coming up!

Moira has become well known for her amazing creations and styling all over race meets around Ireland and recently became quite famous when one of her creations was worn by the winner runner-up at Leopardstown.

When you have a congruent message and everything you provide lines up with that, then magic happens!

Check out Moira’s Instagram here.

If you’re a one-woman business like Moira, I highly recommend you market one thing and create a higher ticket/high-value program that will allow you to work with fewer clients but with greater return. It’ll make your life so much easier!

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