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Straight talk for stylists: 3 must-haves to attract your perfect-fit clients

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Primary Blog/Straight talk for stylists: 3 must-haves to attract your perfect-fit clients

If you want to make serious money in your styling business, the three things you need are:

* First-rate colour and style skills (Non-Negotiable)

* Online services so you can serve people outside of your local area (Gives you a distinct advantage)

* The ability to market and promote yourself in a non-salesy way that feels just right to you (The hardest bit!)

If you need more confidence in either colour or style, I can help you.

If you want to take your services online, I can help you with that too. My Certified Online Colour Expert Program will help you get your colour analysis services online.

My Unstoppable Style Program will help you get your styling services online.

The marketing and promotions bit is the bit we all struggle with at some point.


Because traditional colour and style training doesn’t give you the in-depth marketing training that’s needed to make you stand out!

So, what you do instead (and I did this for a long time too by the way!), is that you model the marketing you’ve seen on the colour and style training companies you’ve worked with.

This gets fellow stylists liking and commenting, but it doesn’t bring serious engagement or regular sign-ups from paying clients.

When I finally realised this, it was my epiphany moment! 🙌🙌🙌

Let me break it down for you.

When I talk about modelling your marketing on the style of the trainers you’ve worked with, what I mean is you use the same kinds of content that first attracted you to the industry.

Things like:

– Posts showing how clients look in different colours as we drape them.

– Transformational posts, showing the before and after photos.

– Photos where we’ve draped celebrities in their ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ colours.

– Posts about the differences between the seasonal and tonal palettes.

These kinds of posts got you hooked, so why wouldn’t they hook clients for you?


The ordinary woman in the street might think your colourful collection of drapes is beautiful, but so what.
It’s not going to make her buy.

The average busy mum holding down a corporate job, raising two boisterous kids, and keeping the house together isn’t going to geek out over the technical science bit of colour and style (unless she wants to be a stylist herself!).

She won’t see that one shade of green can make her look ill while another takes 20 years off her.

With all the bills she’s got to pay, she won’t spend on a frivolous, luxury service that brightens up her skin and eyes.

She will only buy from you if you demonstrate that what you do will bring the life-changing results that get her what she wants!

She might want to look and feel great so she has the confidence to fill out her online dating profile and meet a fabulous new man after years of being single.

She might want to look smarter and more polished so she can win that big promotion.

Or she might want to look less formal once she leaves corporate so she can better connect with the perfect-fit clients for her new business.

Yes, the science-y, transformational posts are great, but alone, they won’t bring you the stream of clients you dream about.

You should focus your marketing efforts on the results you help your clients achieve.

* What are your client’s problems? Talk about them.

* How does she feel?

* What’s going on in her life?

* How will working with you change things for her?

* What will she be able to do after she works with you that she can’t now?

There are thousands of colour consultants and personal stylists working online. You need a point of differentiation, something that makes you unique.

The only thing that’s truly unique about you is your personality and the individual set of experiences that you bring to the table.

* What is it that you’ve got?

* What’s happened in your life that you could help others with?

* What burning problems can you solve, and what results can you achieve using colour, style, wardrobe and personal shopping as your tools?

Find these problems and talk about the results more.

Sprinkle in the technical detail posts for interest, but don’t make them the focus of your marketing efforts…unless you only want to attract other stylists!

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